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Workshop on Microgravity Sciences
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October 29, 2010

MPH Non-fiction best sellers list (local) for week ending 24th October 2010:
1. Bila Allah Menduga Kita Author : Syed Alwi Alatas
2. Di Mana Dia Di Hatiku? Author : Pahrol Mohd Juoi
Jadi ‘Cool + Positif: Psikologi Suka-Suka (Kompilasi Ruangan Psikologi Majalah Remaja)
Indahnya Amalan Doa Author : Dato Ismail Kamus
Location, Timing & Branding Author : Ho Chin Soon
Rojak: Bite-Sized Stories Author : Amir Muhammad
Aspirasi Angkasawan: Catatan Pengalaman calon Angkasawan Negara Author : Persatuan Astronautik Malaysia; Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin
Hadiah Cinta Untuk Ilahi Author : Muhammad Rashidi Hj Wahab
What Your Teacher Didn’t Tell You: The Annexe Lectures (Vol. 1) Author : Farish A. Noor
Get Into Gold: How to Invest in Gold Profitably While Avoiding the Traps Author : Azizi Ali

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>1st Anniversary National Angkasawan Programme
October 11, 2008


Association members at the Exhibition Hall

(From Left: Haizam, Faiz, Patihe, Bostami, Fadzli, Hozay, Norhisham & Harridon)

10th October 2008, Planetarium Negara- A year ago we embarked on our historic journey to space. To commemorate the event, ANGKASA launched an awareness campaign to run from the 10th to 21st October 2008, the exact duration we were in space last year.

Exhibition Hall is now open!

Dr. Mustafa & Mej Dr. Faiz Khaleed

Due to the heavy evening downpour in Kuala Lumpur, the ceremony which was supposed to be located outdoors underneath the stars and galaxy was moved to the Planetarium’s Dome Theatre. At 8pm Dr. Mustafa Din Subari, Director General of ANGKASA gave a welcoming speech to the invited guests and explained a brief outline of our progress and upcoming projects. The upcoming projects were mostly geared towards creating public awarenes. Among the interesting projects is a documentary series to be aired in December.

An interesting visual display of water droplets

Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili then officiated the event followed by a short video presentation of the Angkasawan Programme. We then took a short tour of the Angkasawan Exhibition held in the Planetarium’s Exhibition Hall. The exhibits on display were very comprehensive from a mock-up Soyuz capsule to space memorabilias brought back by our first Angkasawan.

The Soyuz Mock-up Cockpit

Information on the space experiments and selection process were also on display. The names of successful candidates were also listed to the delight of our association members that were present. It’s a great exhbition and I urge everyone to make their way down to the Planetarium to view it.

Harridon explaining about the Viking rocket system on ArianeIV

After a short interval, we witnessed a mock-up launch of the Soyuz TMA-11 rocket with fireworks to mark the anniversary of the Angkasawan Programme. ANGKASA had put on a great show and I truly enjoyed myself.

3,2,1…Blast Off!!!

A public talk series will also be held at the Planetarium. Details are as follows:

8pm 11th Oct Prof A. Rahman on Microgravity Space Research

3pm 13th Oct Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar on his Experience in Space

10am 14th Oct Prof A. Rahman on Microgravity Space Research

10am 16th Oct Mej Dr. Faiz Khaleed on Man Spaceflight Missions

8pm 18th Oct Dr. T.J. O’Brien on Exploring the Invisible Universe

10am 21st Oct Prof Dr. M Zambri on Space Exploration

So kindly make your way down to the Planetarium to celebrate our anniversary into space…

Mohammed Faiz bin Kamaludin

Having fun at the Anti-Gravity room

Trying out the Space Ball

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