scientist for a day August 31, 2021

“We are limited only by our imagination and our will to act.”


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Scientist for a day 2021

Calling all students between the ages of 10 and 18 years old. For this edition of the essay contest, we invite all students to explore three moons that NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft briefly visited during its historic journey through the solar system. This contest is brought to you by Planetarium Negara, AstroX and Spacevio. This initiative is an effort in conjunction with NASA’s Radioisotope Power Systems Program, the team that provides spacecraft with the power to visit some of the harshest, darkest, coldest locations in the solar system.

World Space Week 2021

We look forward to bringing you this year’s World Space Week, which celebrates “Women in Space”. Look out for our webinar sessions, online workshops, quizzes, virtual tours, and many other exciting programmes coming to you this October 4 to 10, 2021. See you soon.


In need of a timepiece that will define you? Choose from a wide variety of designs that will exclusively be yours - brought to you by our very own member of the Astronaut Corps of Malaysia, Bostami Ahmad.

The Art of Science

Do you think that science and the arts can converge? Find out about an inspiring young individual who is passionate about pursuing her dreams to become an astrophysicist by uniting these two fields.

What is Bangsa Angkasa?

Bangsa Angkasa is a Malay term for a nation of space wayfarers. It can be defined as a generation of having space-bound aspirations coupled with an influential culture of excellence.

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Astronaut corps of malaysia

On the 10th of October 2007, a young Malaysian was successfully launched into space becoming the nation’s first Astronaut (Angkasawan). The Malaysian government had secured a seat on-board the three seater Soyuz capsule and blasted off from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

It was a historic moment for the entire nation. We all held our breath as we watched our hopes and dreams ascend on a roaring column of fire towards space. The opportunity to go to outer space was given to all Malaysians. Through a selection process, more than eleven thousand shortlisted candidates chosen from the general public went through nine screening stages to become the sole Angkasawan.

Herein you will find excerpts and short stories from some of the most colourful and astonishing young candidates and like-minded individuals, vying for the coveted top spot of Angkasawan Negara. The top fifty-nine candidates of the astronaut programme are now all members of the Astronautical Association of Malaysia (AstroX) also known as the Astronaut Corps of Malaysia. This is their story and their journey to become the first Malaysian into space.