Venus 5KM VIRTUAL run

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”


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5km Venus Virtual Run (till 15 AUG ONLY)

For those that missed the chance to take part in our Venus Run, you can now do a Virtual 5km run and get a chance to earn our medal sent straight to your doorstep. You can run from anywhere around the world, like our Venus Run Ambassador Jan Nordin (6 times NYC Marathon Finisher) did so in New York, over the Brooklyn Bridge. Click on the link above to register for the Venus 5KM Virtual Run and get yourself our exclusive medal. Jom support for our virtual run for a good cause, aerospace education for our future generation. Thank you


We will be organising our next simulator centre visit in August 2019. Which lucky school will be chosen for this visit? Join our Astronautics Club Malaysia to gain the opportunity.

Study in australia on scholarship

The Malaysian Australian Alumni Council will be offering scholarships for suitable candidates to study in Australia. Have you got what it takes?

Get a copy of our book from astronaut corps of malaysia

Astronaut corps of malaysia

On the 10th of October 2007, a young Malaysian was successfully launched into space becoming the nation’s first Astronaut (Angkasawan). The Malaysian government had secured a seat on-board the three seater Soyuz capsule and blasted off from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

It was a historic moment for the entire nation. We all held our breath as we watched our hopes and dreams ascend on a roaring column of fire towards space. The opportunity to go to outer space was given to all Malaysians. Through a selection process, more than eleven thousand shortlisted candidates chosen from the general public went through nine screening stages to become the sole Angkasawan.

Herein you will find excerpts and short stories from some of the most colourful and astonishing young candidates and like-minded individuals, vying for the coveted top spot of Angkasawan Negara. The top fifty-nine candidates of the astronaut programme are now all members of the Astronautical Association of Malaysia (AstroX) also known as the Astronaut Corps of Malaysia. This is their story and their journey to become the first Malaysian into space.