Super Day!

Waiting in the School Hall SM Sains , Kota Kinabalu

Saturday 16th August 2008 – We started our day at Sekolah Menengah Sains, Kota Kinabalu. Our entourage was greeted by the sound of kompangs beating away. We were lead to the main hall where 15 schools have gathered to witness the event. Soon after the welcoming speeches, Dr. Ahsan stepped up on stage and delivered a presentation about the Angkasawan selection process before introducing Dr. Faiz Khaleed. It was a good and precise presentation by Dr. Ahsan. The event continued with Dr. Faiz Khaleed talking about space science to the students. He interacted with them well and got many of the science students to participate in his question and answers dialogue. All and all it had been a great morning.

Dr. Faiz at the Centre Atrium 1Borneo Hypermall

We left the school and headed to 1Borneo Hypermall to attend to our exhibition booth. When we got there, the booth had a large crowd and remained that way throughout the day. We met people of young and old and I personally feel that getting feedback from the general public is an invaluable experience. Dr. Mustafa Din Subari (DG ANGKASA) visited our booth with his family. At 4pm Mohd Yusfi gave a presentation about the Angkasawan selection process at the centre atrium of the mall. His talk was well received. Dr. Faiz Khaleed then took over and talked about his experience training in Russia. The evening ended with a photograph and autograph session. The line of people waiting snaked through the atrium.

It had been another great day for us….

Mohammed Faiz bin Kamaludin

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