Rocketry Workshop & Space Camp

The Rocketry Workshop and Space Camp were successfully conducted during the school holidays. The workshop was held in Rebung, Bangsar while the space camp was in Bernam River Airfield about 100kms north of Kuala Lumpur. In the end, as long as the kids had fun and learned new stuff our objectives were achieved. Rocket science and astronomy are new subjects for them and I’m glad we are helping them develop their interest in them. Until next time, Happy New Year 2010 and enjoy the pics….

Learning to mix the solid fuel

Harridon showing off the ‘ingredients’

Bernam River Airfield

Preparing lunch after our swim

Setting up our equipment in the field

Kids enjoying sports

Software all set up and ready

Enjoying the sunset on the runway

Lets have a race first!!!

Sam in the distance

What is a camp without a campfire?

Group photo after our stargazing session

Ready for an aeroplane ride?

The kids getting a go!!! Wee!!!

Main Building of the Bernam River Airfeld
See you next time!!!

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