Rocketry in Selangor

We held our 4th Rocketry Workshop in Asia Pacific Smart School today. The one-day workshop with the objective of injecting interest of aerospace science to school children by making it “fun and easy” was sponsored by 1Malaysia Development Berhad as part of their Dana Belia 1Malaysia CSR initiative. The workshop is the fourth in a series of 9 workshops that will span across Malaysia to bring rocketry science to students from urban to rural schools targeting the 9-14 age group. Each student had to figure out how to mix the chemicals followed by building the fuselage before designing a software to measure the thrust vector of their home-grown rockets. A talk on the Angkasawan programme was also given to the kids to educate them on what it takes to become Malaysia’s next space explorer. In the end, the task of igniting their rockets was the highlight of the workshop. The launch of 2 miniature rockets in the school field was an added bonus for everyone.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves and looking forward to the next workshop that will begin again next year when school reopens. Until then wishing everyone “Selamat Hari Raya Haji” and a productive holidays ahead.

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