Book Review of Aspirasi Angkasawan

Book review by
Angèle van Oosterom
The Netherlands

“Aspirasi Angkasawan”

Tells Malaysia’s dreams of sending the first Malaysian astronaut on an ISS mission and the astronaut selection process.
An outstanding account of the Malaysian astronaut selection process for the ISS mission october 2007. It is as complete a description of this selection process as we are ever likely to see. The attention to detail is on a very high level and the amount of information is plentiful, well presented, and from a myriad of sources. Also one of the best books about the work of trainers, teachers, doctors, administrative and/of medical employees who are key-figures behind the succesful ISS-missions and their selection processes. I think the author has done a remarkable job of taking what is basically a quite informative story and putting a very realistic and human face on it. This with all the contributions of quite a few other candidates. An excellent background of their preparations and the process of selection and a great stimulus for the younger generations. He talks about the astronaut selection process and what it was like to go through it. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. What matters is that this book inspired and motivated me to believe you could do anything you put your mind to and showed that there is more to succes than just glory or adulation. Hard work, teamwork, perseverance, setting yourself a clear and well-defined goal, it is not a secret recipe. As a bonus some sense of humour comes through in the writing what makes the sometimes informative and tecnical nature of the book spring to life. Far from a dry account ‘we did this’, you are left with a clearer sense of the incredible size and importance of the astronaut selection process. If you ever wondered what went through these peoples minds, this is the book for you. It will almost make you feel like you were part of it. With a foreword from the author and Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.

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