Advanced Rocketry in UKM

20th October 2014: We conducted a special rocketry workshop for 28 students from the Permata Pintar Negara foundation. This event was held in UKM to commemorate Malaysia’s 7th year anniversary of our first manned spaceflight mission. Three distinguished astronauts were also invited to grace the event, namely Chiaki Mukai the first Japanese woman in space, Klaus Dietrich Flade a German astronaut and Salizhan Sharipov a Russian cosmonaut. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar’s flight memorabilia were also on display during the open-day event. In the end of the day, the highlight of the event was watching the participants launch their home-grown rockets sky high to the delight of the watching crowd. We would like to thank UKM for having us at the event and wishing everyone a great Deepavali celebrations ahead.

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