Rocketry in Cyberjaya

We conducted our very first rocketry workshop for the members of our astronautics club in Cyberjaya today. It was held at the MDeC’s Knowledge Workers Development Centre. Their facilities are state of the art and we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to MDeC for letting us have your venue to run our programme. The workshop got 19 kids having fun mixing chemicals, learning software programming to measure the thrust vector of their rockets and in the end to see their home-grown rockets light-up was the reward. it was great fun watching the final launch which got the crowd pumped up and the kids running to retrieve the payload. All and all we had fun and the kids were able to learn science in a fun way using the STEM approach. See you next month in which we will be conducting a workshop for a group of Masjid students. We hope to reach out to this unique segment of community. We would also like to thank J-Biotech‚Äč and everyone that made it possible. Enjoy the pics…

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