Rinjani Conquered

In an effort to diversify and extend our reach across borders, AstroX recently scaled up Mount Rinjani located in North Lombok. Faced with challenging weather conditions on summit day, we managed to persevere and reach the peak of Mount Rinjani 3,726m and planted our beloved new identity ‘AstroX’ on the second highest active volcano in Indonesia. We hope to emulate our success with our Astronautics Club Malaysia, in which will see every primary school in Malaysia with an astronautics club. We will be having a booth tomorrow showcasing our products and services at the new Bank Rakyat Headquarters KL in conjunction with their ‘Creativity and Innovation Day 2015’. Looking forward to seeing everyone there…

Just too windy to display our AstroX flag
All smiles but ‘No view’ at the peak (3,726m)
View of Mt Rinjani from Base Camp Plawangan II Sembalun
Our campsite at Plawangan II Sembalun (2,639m)

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