‘Rocketry for Science’ Launched

Captain Faiz Kamaludin shares the research outcome of 
 conducting rocketry workshops across Malaysia

5th May 2018: Earthopia, Kajang, Selangor D.E. – Captain Faiz Kamaludin has always believed that the research outcome of conducting rocketry workshops is an important analysis that needs to be shared with academicians and the general public alike. Through a government funded grant from 2012 to 2014, AstroX was able to carry out more than 20 rocketry workshops across the country in a bid to inculcate the interest of science in schoolchildren.

This book provides an insider’s guide to rocketry workshops and corporate social responsibility practices in Malaysia. The analysis will be helpful to individuals or organisations that are interested to learn and understand more about CSR practices in developing countries and how science education can be used as the vehicle to transform a nation to shift into the field of science and technology.

‘Rocketry for Science’ reveals social impact studies that are insightful to promote the growth of science for students in Malaysia. The event also showcased the newly opened educational centre in Kajang which provides STEM and STEAM related services.

‘Rocketry for Science’
The Insider’s Guide to Rocketry Workshops and Corporate Social Responsibility in Malaysia
By Captain Faiz Kamaludin
ISBN 978-3-330-05022-8
Available in Earthopia, Amazon.com and Get-Morebooks.com

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