World Space Week 2023: Space and Entrepreneurship

We are excited to celebrate this year’s World Space Week 2023, starting tomorrow from the 4th to the 10th of October this year. To kick things off, in line with this year’s theme of Space and Entrepreneurship, we will feature a story about Agnes and Thibault, the founders of Re CAE. They are passionate about sustainability issues in space concerning spacecraft and satellite operations, and the millions of space debris orbiting our planet. Learn more about what they do from our podcast here. 

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In this captivating episode, we look into the fascinating world of space sustainability with Re CAE founders Agnes and Thibault. Discover how they are leading a revolution in space technology by providing accessible end-of-mission assessment tools, making space more sustainable and safer for all. Agnes and Thibault share their mission to assist space agencies and promote responsible space practices within academia. Learn how Re CAE’s expert computer-aided engineering (CAE) solutions contribute to the responsible design, operation, and disposal of spacecraft and space-related objects. Explore how their work aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supports a more sustainable future.

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