The Art of Science

“Rules and laws differ from one country to another, but the rules of physics are a constant”. This eloquent quote made Sharafina Razin fall in love with physics. As the recipient of the 2019 HELP President’s Award, Sharafina is bound to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics at the prestigious Queen Mary University of London this coming September. Sharafina’s journey to pursue her dreams is extraordinary, to say the least, as it began in her …

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Bangsa Angkasa

Syukran Idris has come a long way in the social entrepreneurship sector since his initial visit to an event organised by MaGIC in 2015 to launch the Malaysian Social Enterprise Blueprint. He chanced upon AstroX’s booth that promoted space-related programmes using the STEM approach. Having worked in the corporate industry for ten years, Syukran states that between the age of 30 to 35 years old, you will need to decide on what you would like …

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You May Not Like How it Looks, but SpaceX Spacesuits get a ‘5-star’ Rating from Astronauts​

The astronauts of the test flight Demo-2, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken wore for the first time the new spacesuits of SpaceX towards the International Space Station. “I bet we’ve worn these clothes a couple of hundred times,” Hurley said during a press conference aboard the space station. SpaceX space suits were tailored for astronauts and therefore widely used during training for the Demo-2 mission. The spacesuits are not designed for spacewalks, but only for launches and …

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Exhibition at Bank Rakyat

We were down at Bank Rakyat’s new Twin Towers HQ in KL today to showcase and promote our services in conjunction with their ‘Creativity and Innovation Day’. We’re looking forward to innovate and forming astronautics club in every primary school in Malaysia. Let’s GO for launch!!! With Datuk Mustafha MD of Bank Rakyat

AstroX… that’s Us!!!

In an effort to be more jazzy and current, our dearest association is going through a transformation. Our acronym of AAM is being retired and will be replaced by our new name and image which is more dynamic and catchy. We present to you… the new us… AstroX!!! Astro is short for Astronautical and X signifies “mystery”, “mystique”, “space age” and everythng that’s cool about the space and universe. 3,2,1.. Blast off AstroX!!!

Celebrating Armstrong’s Legacy

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian National Space Agency is planning an exhibition to celebrate Neil Armstrong’s life and legacy. The agency hopes to hold the exhibition by year-end. Its director-general Dr Mustafa Din Subari said he was deeply appreciative of Armstrong’s lifelong dedication to space exploration, which became an inspiration to him and many of his colleagues. “He was a great man who gave his entire life to the betterment of space exploration. Any country with …

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Dr Mazlan, The Woman Guiding UN’s Outer Space Affairs

NEW YORK, Nov 9 (Bernama) — Meet Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman, the former director-general of the Malaysian National Space Agency (Angkasa), now based in Vienna, Austria, where she heads the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). As the director of UNOOSA she has been guiding the world body’s outer-space programme and seems to have made a mark with her extensive knowledge of astrophysics. Mazlan who frequently visits the United Nations’ headquarters in New York …

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